Need of Molecular Mixology

Today’s scenerio drinking is in fashion and trend just like other areas of human interest come and go as per the changing of times. Bartenders are getting so much serious about creating their drinks and cocktails. Making cocktails and drinks perfectly are the visions of professional Bartenders and mixologists. In recent years , cocktails and drinks are getting more popular . Drinkers are expecting more from the bartenders.

 What is Molecular Mixology ?

Molecular Mixology is the process of creating cocktails using the equipments and techniques of Molecular Gastronomy. Molecular Bar is about experimenting , creating amazing cocktails with artistic presentation, textures, aromas and flavours. it is the hottest and amazing things this season. It’s also add the big ?” WOW “? effect to the Bar. 

History of Molecular Mixology

Molecular Cocktails were first created in the kitchen, with molecular gastronomy chefs like Ferran Adria, and Heston Blumenthal kickstarting the trend. It was inspired by molecular gastronomy , which entails similar scientific effects used in the kitchen, and a term coined in 1988. But as the inventor of Blue Blazer it could be said that the godfather of bartending, Jerry Thomas, was the original Molecular Mixologist , long ago in the 19th century.  Mixologist Tony Conigliaro took it behind the bar, having collaborated with Blumenthal to Eben Klemm, Eben Freeman and Angel Chicano. From the last two decades there is astonishing progress in creating new tricks and concoctions behind the bar, and the technology is getting advance & fast day by day.

Techniques of Molecular

MixologyThere are many techniques of Molecular Mixology , here is some techniques

1 ) Spherification: As a technique inspired from molecular gastronomy , Spherification is the process that enables liquid to form into gelatinous spheres similar to fish eggs. For creating this effect need to take liquid without containing calcium and mixing it with sodium alginate, the adding this in small amounts to a liquid diluted with calcium chloride. By using this technique edible cocktail spheres are created like Molecular Mojito Spheres.

 2 ) Emulsification: This involves the binding together of two liquids that usually don’t mix, by the use of emulsifier. In this way , fats can be used in cocktails where they would usually naturally separate. The cocktail Cold Buttered Rum can be made by using rum and lime juice together with butter syrup. 

3 ) Cocktail Gels or Jellification : It is very popular technique used by molecular mixologists . For making this you require either gelatin or agar along with alcohol or Juices to help the mix coagulate into gel. As per your required firmness you want to get in the drinks, you can vary the proportion of gelatin or agar in the mix.

4 ) Drying and Powdering : This technique is used to make powdered cocktails. Molecular Cocktails and Drinks Molecular cocktails are the creation of greater intensities and varieties of flavour combinations with fresh ingredients and different amazing ways of presenting drinks and shots . Molecular Cocktails and ShotsCocktail cavier, multi coloured layered cocktails with foam and bubbles, powdered cocktails, flavoured ice spheres, frozen nitro cocktails, cocktail popsicles, cocktails glasses filled with cotton candy, smoking popcorn, vodka jelly shots, jello shots etc. 

Principles of Molecular Mixology

Molecular cocktails are in the trend from last many years, and the variety is dizzying. Mixologists are adapting the techniques of molecular gastronomy to serve the drinks that change colour, fizz and smoke. But there is a proper method to this molecular mixology.

1 . Using of different foams making cocktails more complicated looking, and transformation to foam is possible not only from liquids but also from solids. There are lots of variations for experimenting molecular cocktails. The gelling agents are presented in a dry solid form, which need to be hydrated     (dispersed in liquids). Need to do carefully. 

2 . Creating molecular cocktails is not so easy, as it looks . The cocktail has to be Bartender’s peak of performance and abilities, and it means drink should only contains quality products. 

3 . Some specific ingredients need be kept in a dry storage without temperature changes or as per uses of products. 

4 . Bartenders requires many equipments for making molecular cocktails, which help them to make all the drinks . Molecular Mixology uses food chemical, gelatins, acacia, calcium, nitrzen gas , dry and many more equipments. 

5 . Mixologists use different types of ice, which are different in shape, sizes, flavours and colours. To make good ice , you have to start with good Purified water. 

6 . Cocktail creater don’t hide themselves. They shows their creative skill of making molecular drinks and cocktails in front of the people. 

7 . Always remember one thing that the drink has to be serve as per guest’s desire and preference. For making it easy for the guests prepare a list of cocktails or bar cocktails menu.


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