Night Life
India is one of the most populated countries in the world and offers nightlife with a diverse and growing number of options. You will find everything from intimate bars and pubs to multi level nightclubs. India’s cities have a growing nightlife scene that includes everything from pubs to lounges to discotheques . Apart from Friday and Saturday nights Wednesdays are also popular evenings for partying in india.

Luxurious Night Clubs
Nightclubs in luxury hotels come with beautiful decor and prohibitive cover charges and drink costs which only can afford by the richest Indians. Everything is well organized and maintained here. Common people have dreams to spend time in these luxurious night clubs.

Legal Drinking Age
It’s helpful to know where to look for nighttime entertainment and to familiarize yourself with the legal drinking age. The age of legal consumption of alcohol in India is 25. Most pubs and restaurants may serve alcohol by 1.30 am.

Truth of Today’s Generation Enjoyment

As we know that we are living in free India, where everyone has right to live his/her life according to their choice. Our today’s generation is very smart , intelligent and innovative. They believe in smart work and know very well that what to do in their life and manage everything in a well mannered. But there is something which they think is the right way of celebrating their success (that they have got after doing too much hardwork) . Clubs, discotheques, bars are full of young generation. They starts taking illegal drugs for enjoyment by looking one another. There are several types of drugs available like heroine, cocaine, afeem( these three drugs are too costly, not any one can afford) and Mephedrone ( it not too much costly). These drugs are not only famous in young jobs holder but also popular in other youngsters.

What is Mephedrone?

It is also known as : Meow meow, MCAT, m-cat, miaow, bubbles, white magic etc. It’s a stimulant drug, chemically similar to amphetamines and derived from cathinone, also found in the drug khat.