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Whether your event is large or small, life is easier when you only have to pay one bill after the last of the champagne is put away. As a full service beverage caterer bartenders4u offers single-invoice billing on our consumption, cash, or package bars – everything from your beverage order to glassware and staffing, and equipment can be included on a single invoice. We know it’s the little things that count, and saving you time and frustration from start to finish is what we’re all about. So when you choose Bartenders4u for your event, you’re not only choosing the best, you’re choosing the most efficient.




Bartenders4u presents molecular mixology and molecular Bartenders. Molecular mixology is the process of creating cocktails using the equipment and techniques of molecular gastronomy. Molecular Bar is about experimenting, creating amazing cocktails with artistic presentation, textures, aromas and flavours. Molecular mixology is the hottest and amazing things this season. Its also add the extra ‘wow ‘to the bar.
Liquid Nitrogen infused cocktails are really amazing

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Professional Bartenders

Professional bar tender (Male and female) A Bartender is one who tends a bar; usually a wet-bar with alcoholic drinks offerings, though many bars include other beverages and even food. Bartenders mix, pour and serve drinks for patrons of bars, taverns, inns, restaurant and similar establishment. Bartenders also carry on friendly conversations with customers as they sip their drinks.


Cocktails & Mocktails

Cocktails- A cocktails are a mixed drink typically made with a distilled beverage (such as gin, vodka, whiskey, tequila, or rum) that mixed with other ingredients. If beer is one of the ingredients, the drinks is called a beer cocktail.


Champagne Pyramid

A traditional champagne pyramid makes a dramatic presentation at any event. Also called a champagne fountain, the pyramid consists of scores of empty champagne glasses stacked on top of each other. Bottles of champagne are uncorked and poured into the single glass at the very top of the pyramid to overflowing.


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About us

Bartenders4u takes pride in providing everything needed to make your event complete. As a full service bartenders, hostess, glassware etc. with 10 years of experience throughout INDIA, we are ready to customize a bar to fit you. From less than 10to over 10,000 guests. Our fully insured bartenders and servers will make your occasion an event to remember. Along with our professional staff we can custom design a beverage package for you and supply all of the necessary equipment.



We carry the area’s largest selection of fine wines, beers and liquors. When arranging beverages for your next function, bartenders4u offers the most complete beverage & bartering services available. Let our experts pair wine with your menu or create a specialty drink as a remembrance of the occasion.


 Offers just that – the premier service in the area. In addition to our highly professional staff, our partnerships with venues and more than a decade of experience in the beverage catering industry, working with bartenders4u offers unique benefits:

female-bartenders- in-delhi
Serving Clients Across India

We provide Packages and services in simple way that everybody will satisfy to understand.All of our bartenders are fully insured both with liability and employers insurance.
We provide bartenders in


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Mohammad Imran
Mohammad Imran
Went there with my friends and since my friend is very particular about perfect cocktails, I suggested Patiala Peg and bartender Mr. Amod yadav was outstanding in making perfect drinks and ensured that we had best weekend night in the bar. Highly recommend bartenders4u for exceptional bartending skills and perfection in making drinks. Great ambience with fantastic staff. Recommend for good times. Cheers.
Anoop tiwari
Anoop tiwari
One of the better website for cocktail party. #bartenders4uin
heena bharti
heena bharti
Amazing!! It provided Superlative service and the bartenders very Friendly , Decent and Professional Staff. Mr. Amod Yadav behaving with their customers as a family and Such a lovely Coordination with their Staff. Magic atmosphere. I miss it so much. I must say that every one have to tried @bartenders4uin services. And wish you a Successful Future.
Jyoti Balhara
Jyoti Balhara
Adarsh Kumar
Adarsh Kumar
Bar Tenders4u provided very good service and the bartenders and supporting staff provided by them was very professional and decent. I must say who needs a professional bartending services must take @bartenders4uin service on priority. Amod yadav treat their customers as a family. Look after everything personally. Being the owner AMOD YADAV is very down to earth in nature. Wish you a successful future.
farmsNfrolics Vlogs
farmsNfrolics Vlogs
Professional team 👏
aditya gupta
aditya gupta
The drinks you made were so good that I don't have words to express
Sagar Joshi
Sagar Joshi
anand singh
anand singh
Rahul Bhatt
Rahul Bhatt
I work for a company bartender4u. I was in delhi riding club . The work experience is awsome. The client was satisfied with our service.



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