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"Bartender4U" great cocktails need not cost the earth.

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Bartenders4u offers a variety of convenient and cost-efficient ways to purchase both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Through our partnership with Gordon’s Fine Wines & Liquors, we can arrange for delivery on the day of your party, return unused products for a refund, and simply include your beverage order on our standard invoice. We offer as much–or as little–advice on beverage selection as each client desires. So, whether you know exactly what you’d like, or you would just rather let someone else handle the details, Premier can provide you with a selection of beverages to satisfy you and your guests.

Cocktails- A cocktails are a mixed drink typically made with a distilled beverage (such as gin, vodka, whiskey, tequila, or rum) that mixed with other ingredients. If beer is one of the ingredients, the drinks is called a beer cocktail.

We provide highly qualified bartenders, fine-dining servers, and banquet servers for all types of parties and special events. Serving in all over India.

Let us turn your special event into a HUGE successOur goal is simple. We want you and your guests to have an amazing, memorable, stress-free event.

We believes you will be so impressed with our profession and work ethic that will never want to have another party without us.

Ordering shots at the bar can really add up and be quite a shock when its time to close the tab. Another option is to invite all your friends over and make your favorite shots at home. The bar scene can be fun until that guy pukes on your shoes or the guys next to you start a fight pushing your girlfriend to the ground. Sometimes hanging out at home is more fun and you can make all your favorite shots from the bar.

I know that when I have people over we always try to remember what is in our favorite shots and try to make then. Now here are some shots Test tube shot, Injection shot, Rasgulla shot, Fire shot, Cylinder shot, Watermelon shot etc.


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