Drinks as they feel relax . Cocktails and Mocktails are special types of Beverages , which are offered in  every kind of event, party or functions.  Either it’s  professional business event or any personal event, Cocktails and Mocktails will be there for guests as these drinks are in trend. Drinking has become a fashion. Everybody is fond of these drinks.  Some people often  confuse with these cocktails and Mocktails. Let’s see how they are different from each other 


Basically Cocktails are alcohol based drinks ,  prepared by mixing the alcohol with soft drinks, juices or with other drinks , honey, fruits , herbs etc. It is not easy to make a cocktail because it’s preparation needs a particular standard procedure in which ingredients need to mix in right proportion. Not any one can make it but people who have good knowledge regarding cocktail can make it theirself otherwise there would be need to hire a professional bartender or mixologists to make amazing cocktails.Cocktails are sweet, sour or bitter in taste as per the used ingredients, or contain a significant portion of alcohol. Cocktails are getting more popular and famous day by day


Mocktail is a combination of non – alcoholic drink, it does not contain any type of alcohol. It is made by mixing fruits juices, soft drinks, mixers, garnishes etc. It is called Mocktails as it looks like cocktails. It is easy to make, so any one can make simple mocktails by just mixing juices, Syrups  with garnishes but if you require modern tasty and perfect mocktails you need to hire a professional mixologists or bartender as they have complete knowledge . They know properly how to make a perfect superb mocktail. Mocktails are commonly sweets in taste but  there are some other mocktails which are not sweet in taste like virgin mary,  Indian Kala khatta , Aam panna etc . 


ALCOHOLIC CONTENT:   One of the main difference between Cocktails and Mocktails is that cocktail contains alcohol whereas mocktail does not contain alcohol.

PREPARATION : Cocktails need standard preparation , it is not easy to prepare as it requires right proportion of alcohol, juices, mixers etc. If we talk about Mocktails , it is easy to prepare, any one can make it because of its simple preparation

CONSUMER PREFERENCES : Cocktails are consumed by alcoholic consumers as but Mocktails are consumed by  non- alcoholic consumers ( people who don’t take alcohol).

TASTE : Cocktails are bitter or sour or sweet in taste and Mocktails are sweets in taste but some mocktails are not sweet in taste like virgin mary, kala khatta. 

PRICE : Cocktails are much coslty as compare to Mocktails . The main reason which makes cocktail expensive is alcohol and spirits used in it. Mocktails are not expensive  as it is made up by juices, soft drinks etc.


Government of every country has decided the age limit for the consumers for drinking cocktails as it contains alcohol. On the oher hand there is no age limit for the consumption of mocktails.
Anyone can make Mocktails at home by mixing juices , mixers but no one can make cocktail at home . Only a person who has complete knowledge of cocktails can mske it at home. 

POPULARITY : Cocktails and Mocktails both of them are very popular among the people


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