Parties are a big part of the college experience. It is a great way to celebrate, meet new people, make friends, or have a good time. But they do not have to look as college movies portray them – with beer barrels and plastic red cups. 

Mocktails are a good and healthy alternative to that. Whether you plan a completely non-alcoholic party or just want to add options for those who want to stay sober this evening, mocktails are the way to go. 

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Why Choose Mocktails? 

Mocktail is a non-alcoholic cocktail that can be served at any event. It can be the perfect alternative for those who do not want to consume alcohol. Such drinks combine different fruits, syrups, and juices to provide exquisite taste. There are several reasons to add mocktails to your student party: 

  • There might be students under 21 years old; 
  • There might be people that do not drink alcohol at all; 
  • You have an important day tomorrow and want to feel fresh in the morning and maintain study and life balance; 
  • You want to add more options for the evening; 
  • You want something fresh, healthy, and tasty. 

Often the non-alcoholic options at parties are very limited. One can either drink water, soda, or, sometimes, tea. It is not quite fun for those who want to be sober. Instead, mocktails offer an amazing experience and allow you to not stand out from other visitors that might be drinking alcohol. 

In any case, it is an amazing opportunity to try something new and surprise your friends. Here are the best recipes of mocktails for the student party to choose from. 

Shirley Temple

This is a virgin twist on a classic cocktail. You’ll need 2 and a half tablespoons of grenadine, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, and 1 tablespoon of lime juice. Pour it all into a large glass and mix it. After that, add 6 tablespoons of club soda and some ice. To make the presentation interesting, you can add some cherries. 

It is very refreshing and easy to prepare. 

Pina Colada

Those who love traditional cocktails might create a virgin variant of pina colada. It is perfect for summer because it has a tropical taste and quite a bit of sugar in it. To make it, one will need:

  • Coconut milk (one cup); 
  • Pineapple juice (two cups); 
  • Chopped fresh pineapple (one cup); 
  • Sugar syrup (one cup); 
  • Ice. 

Add it all to a tall glass and blend. As for garnishing, one can choose different fruits like an orange slice or strawberry. This one is ideal for beach or pool parties. 

Pineapple Orange

To add a fresh twist to pineapple, one can also prepare this mocktail. You already have the main ingredients from pina colada, so why not add more variety to the bar. One will need:

  • Fresh pineapple juice; 
  • Fresh orange juice; 
  • Ice; 
  • Honey (one teaspoon). 

First, crush the ice and put it in a glass. After that, pour the juices, add honey, and shake. It is quite simple yet wonderful to taste. 

Watermelon Lemonade

Here is another beautiful summer recipe to flaunt on social media and enjoy at the party. It takes a bit of preparation as you need to freeze watermelon chunks first. They will be used instead of ice cubes. This way the mocktail won’t be too watered-down. The ingredients are: 

  • Frozen watermelon cubes (one cup); 
  • Lemonade (two cups); 
  • Watermelon juice (two cups); 
  • Fruit for garnishing (orange or lemon for example). 

Add frozen cubes first, add lemonade and juice, and serve the drink. 

Virgin Negroni

This is another non-alcoholic variant of a classic beverage. It offers a rich taste with coriander and cardamom mixed with grapefruit. It is on the less sugary side and will go perfectly for indoor events. It is a bit trickier to make but the result is worth the effort. You will need: 

  • Half of a grapefruit; 
  • One slice of orange; 
  • Coriander seeds;
  • Cardamom pods (lightly crushed);
  • Caster sugar (two tablespoons); 
  • Red food coloring. 

This is for the syrup base. Chop the grapefruit, and add sugar, orange, cardamom, and coriander into a saucepan. Add half a cup of water and heat the mixture.  Stir it for 5 minutes until simmering. Crush the fruit to release the taste. Leave the syrup to cool down and add red coloring after. 

After it has cooled down, strain the mixture so all the solid pieces of fruits are gone. Put a bit of it in the cold water and grape juice. Stir for a bit and pour into a glass with ice. For presentation, you can add an orange slice. 

Virgin Mojito 

This is another refreshing and fairly easy-to-make mocktail. To make it one will need one tablespoon of sugar, fresh lime juice (3 limes for two drinks), soda water, fresh mint, and ice. First of all, mash mint leaves with sugar in a small bowl until the leaves release juice. 

Then crush ice and add it to a glass. Pour the lime juice in and add the mint and sugar mix. Lastly, top it with soda water and stir. 

That’s it – a fresh and healthy drink is ready!

Tahitian Coffee

Coffee lovers will enjoy this one in particular. It is a wonderful option for an evening or afternoon meeting with friends. The ingredients are: 

  • Lime juice (4 oz); 
  • Orange (4 oz); 
  • Simple syrup (2 oz); 
  • Cold-brew concentrate (4 oz); 
  • Honey Syrup (6 oz); 
  • Guava puree (4 oz); 
  • Passion fruit puree (2 oz);
  • Crushed ice. 

Put the crushed ice first, add all the elements to the mix and serve blended. Now you can stay energized and sober. 

Pink Champagne

If you want something fizzy and healthy, this is a stunning recipe to try. You will need chilled sparkling cider (one and a half cups), sparkling cherry mineral water or club soda (the same amount), and cranberry juice (one cup). 

Mix it and serve in a tall glass. 

Frozen Apple Margarita

It is another simple recipe that can be used with or without alcohol. To prepare it, you will need half of a lime, fresh apple juice (500 ml), grated lime rind (2 teaspoons), lime juice (2 tablespoons), salt, and ice. Cover the rim of the glass with lime juice and dip it into the salt to create a classic margarita look. 

Pour lime rind, apple juice, and ice into a blender to create a smooth texture. It is ready to go into the glass. For garnishing, one can use green apple slices or lime zest. 

In Summary 

Mocktails are a fun and healthy addition to any student party. They offer a variety of tastes and opportunities to enjoy the night while staying sober. 

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